5 Ways to stop Overthinking

Overthinking about situations can sometimes be inevitable - whether it is regarding an assignment deadline, the end of your degree it can be anything. Personally, I am a big over thinker. I tend to pick apart and analyse every little detail which can sometimes not be the best. Even my friends know about it too, and one of them said "I could feel it through the screen" as I was frantically messaging her about the situation I was worried about. 

Then I realised "woah, this overthinking doesn't just affect me but it can affect others, they can feel it too", I have to work towards managing it and changing my thought patterns. 

We don't have to let negative thoughts and overthinking take up all our energy! Here are 5 ways to help stop overthinking. 

1. Recognise the negative thought - now trust me this can be difficult especially when you are overthinking they just keep flowing and flowing and it can be hard to fully recognise what you are speaking over yourself and worrying about. But this is an essential part, it requires attention to your thoughts. Is this a negative thought? if Yes.. then "What is it saying?" "Is it going to help me in this situation". This usually can help decipher what type of thought it is. Now chuck this thought in the "bin". 

A very important aspect of my life personally is my faith, I try to then read the word and see what does Jesus say about overthinking, about self doubt - and replace your thought with what he says about you. 

Such as 

" I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength" 

"For God has not given me a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind" 

I found the more I dived into the word, his promises and prayer regarding everything the better i felt. You can also confide, or tell a close person about your thought, or what is worrying you. Communicating to someone can be very helpful. 

2. Distract yourself - if you can try, distract yourself from thinking about that particular situation. If its an assignment I find the best thing is putting it away for a while and coming back to it later. I then try and do something that I enjoy, such as baking, painting, playing the piano whatever you enjoy do that! 

3. Accept that overthinking won't change the outcome - it can be difficult to try and accept that no matter how much you think about the situation, you can't control the outcome. Sometimes I find myself overthinking about situations that just aren't in my control! Accepting this when I start to overthink helps me to understand that I can only do my best, nobody is perfect.

4. Staying focused on the present time rather then "what ifs" - It can be easy to think of "what if" scenarios, the thing about overthinking is that it can drain energy and your joy during the day. I find remembering to live in the present moment helps me to slowly stop worrying about that particular situation, try and enjoy today and the moment that you are in. In the bible Jesus said

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matthew 6:34.

5. Overthinking can lead to self doubting - Practicing mindfulness is effective in helping to stop self doubt. This involves recognising what you are feeling, accepting that you are feeling that emotion, and remember that the feeling will pass. It takes accepting and speaking positively over your self to help stop overthinking. 

Such as "This is difficult for me right now but I am going to keep trying" 

"I haven't figured it out yet, but I will figure it out soon" 

I hope these techniques are helpful. My friend, remember that you are loved. You don't have to be perfect - just know that all you can do is try your best. But remember the one who is perfect, He is your greatest helper. 

I would love to know any techniques you use to help stop overthinking, comment down below so I can see and share them. 

It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not fail you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed. Deuteronomy 31:8

God bless, 



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  • Thank you so much Hannah. This very powerful. It Helps me a lot.


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